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Drupa Coffee Roasters

Colombia - Cauca

Colombia - Cauca

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Prevalent presence of strawberries and cherries, its’ particular fermentation process adds complexity on both aroma and sensory components. It is a truly exceptional coffee that renders an amazing cup, no matter what method is used to brew it in. Highly recommended.

Tasting Notes
Great Aroma. Strawberry,
Stone Fruits, Raspberry,
Delicate Acidity.

Red Bourbon


Cherry Madness Process

  • Cherries are harvested above 24 brix level.
  • Selective harvest hand-picking.
  • Cherries are soaked in water for 4 hours.
  • Floaters and imperfect cherries are discard.
  • Initial Cherry Carbonic Maceration with Mossto recirculation. (45 hours)
  • Second cherry carbonic maceration with Mossto recirculation. (38 hours)
  • Sun drying on African beds for 18-20 days.
  • Coffee is constantly moved.
  • Coffee dried to 10.5 %.
  • Final humidity stabilization for 5 days.
  • Then Coffee is stored on GP bags for 10 days.
  • Finally lots are cupped and samples selected for offers..

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