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Colombia - Quindio

Colombia - Quindio

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Campo Hermoso Yellow Bourbon is a vibrant Colombian coffee with captivating tasting notes. Its distinctive flavor profile boasts rich red fruit undertones, lending a delightful sweetness to each sip.

The red fruit maceration process is a key step in crafting the exquisite Campo Hermoso Yellow Bourbon coffee. Ripe coffee cherries are carefully selected and undergo a meticulous fermentation process, enhancing the beans with the vibrant flavors of red fruits. This unique technique imbues the coffee with a distinct sweetness and complexity, elevating the final cup to new heights of flavor and aroma.

This meticulously crafted coffee offers a smooth, balanced cup with a lingering, satisfying finish, making it an indulgent choice for coffee connoisseurs seeking a truly exceptional experience.

Tasting Notes
Raspberry, strawberry, candy, sweet orange, hibiscus, creamy-body, lime, medium-body, long-aftertaste.

Yellow Bourbon


Red Fruits Carbonic Maceration

  • Cherries are harvested above 24 brid.

  • Cherries are soaked in water for 2 hours.

  • Initial cherry C-M for 72 hrs with Coffee-Mossto & Raspberry-Mossto.

  • Coffee depulped leaving 50% of mucilage. Second cherry CM for 32 hrs with Coffee-Mossto.

  • Coffee is sun-dried on African beds for 24 days until humidity is 10.5 % .

  • Final humidity stabilization for 20 days inside a warehouse, then coffee is finally stored on grain-pro bags.

  • After the total final stabilization coffees are cupped and lots organized. 

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